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* American Cultural Exchange
International language and culture training and education, translating, publishing, travel, placement, and more.
* Casa Xelajü
Spanish language and culture school in Guatemala.
* Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA)
At the University of Minnesota. Multicultural and multilingual education, research, and assessment organization. Research and graduate student employment opportunities, conferences, and other research projects.
* Center for Applied Linguistics
Lots of resources (projects and articles) about language learning, teaching, and more. National directory of foreign language programs, free publications for teachers, and more.
* Centre for Theories of Language and Learning
University of Bristol, UK
* Computer Aided Language Instruction Group
at the University of Arizona.
* CTI Centre for Modern Languages
at the University of Hull.
* Department of French and Italian
Information about the Department of French and Italian at Emory University.
* Department of French Studies
at the University of Toronto.
* Department of General Linguistics and Literary Theory
at the University of A Corunha, Galiza (Spain).
* Department of Italian Studies, Brown University
Information about the program, faculty, and study-abroad programs.
* Department of Linguistics
at the University of Delaware.
* Department of Slavic Languages and Literature
at the University of Washington. Information about the Department's academic programs, staff, and research.
* Duilleag Taigh na Gaidhlig
Center for Gaelic and for Celtic Arts in Edinburgh.
* Faculty of Asian Studies
at the Australian National University. Includes course, faculty, and enrollment information.
Foreign Language Teaching Forum, forum for educators of languages.
* George House Academy
English language school (ESL/EFL) in Hawaii, USA.
* Index of International Language Schools
from Edunet International. Search by country or language.
* Institute for German Speech
(in German)
* Intensive English Institute
at the University of Illinois. English as a foreign/second language (EFL/ESL) programs.
* Intensive English Program
from Rice University. Information about their courses.
* International English Language Institute
English as a second language (ESL/EFL) university in New York.
* Language Based Learning Disability
research, papers, software, etc. to aid or discuss language based learning disabilities.
* Language Centre, University of Durham
* Language Learning Network
At Southampton Institute (UK). Distance-learning language courses taught over the Internet.
* Language Resource Center
at the University of Michigan. Services, local events, links, departments.
* Lenguaviva Language School
Spanish language school in Spain.
Laguage schools in the US, Europe, and Australia. Information about courses and locations.
* Modern Language Centre
at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
* National Foreign Language Center
at the University of Hawai'i.
* National Foreign Language Center
At Johns Hopkins University. Research and policy institute on language education and teaching.
* Native American Language Center
at the University of California, Davis. Encouraging research and transfer of knowledge about Native American languages.
* Omnicom School of Language
Language instruction in 75 different languages, for all ages and levels. Based in Ontario, Canada.
* Penn Language Center
At the University of Pennsylvania. Language teaching center for less common languages.
* School of Continuing Education
at New York University. Adult education center, includes language courses (not online).
* School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
at the University of Manchester, UK. Information about the School's language and culture-related courses and degrees, staff, and current research.
* Study Abroad Programs Directory
Online resource and guide to international study abroad programs.
* The Canadian Forces Language School
Language training center for the Canadian military and Department of National Defence. Some information about the CFLS plus lots of links to online dictionaries, language sites, fonts, and other language/lingusitic resources. In English and French.
* The EFL Directory
from Europa. Guide to learning English in Great Britain - schools, exams, etc.
* The English School
ESL/EFL classes, tutoring, and TOEFL training in Seattle, Washington.
* The French Directory
from Europa. Guide to learning French in France - schools, exams, etc.
* Yum Kax
Spanish language study abroad program in Guatemala for High School students. Affiliated with Casa de Español Xelajú.

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