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  90 Resources:
* A Few Words in Cherokee/Tsalagi
Short introduction to Cherokee pronunciation and a short English/Cherokee dictionary of animals.
* A Glossary of Lingua Franca
English/Lingua Franca dictionary and history of Lingua Franca, an extinct pidgin-style European language.
Online searchable English dictionary with multilingual search capability (enter a French word and get the corresponding English word and definition, as well as the word in 4 other languages).
* The Alternative Catalan Dictionary
Glossary of Catalan slang (Catalan slang words and their English meanings). Part of the Alternative Dicionaries collection.
* Amateur Telescope Multilingual Dictionary
English words and definitions for various amateur telescope terms, plus their translation into various languages (French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, and Russian). Not all terms are translated into all languages.
* Basic Albanian Vocabulary
Short but useful Albanian/English introductory vocabulary. From the Albanian Website.
* Basic English-Maltese Dictionary
By Grazio Falzon. English to/from Maltese online dictionary with approximately 5500 entries and a pronunciation guide. (Not searchable.)
* Bisaya
Organized index of online and offline resources for the Bisaya and related languages of the Phillippines. Includes and Bisaya/English dictionary online, links to papers, and some literature in Bisaya
* Bookbinding and Conservation Terminology Dictionary
From Conservation OnLine (CoOL) at Stanford University.
* Botanical Glossary from GardenWeb
Searchable English glossary of botanical/gardening terms (words and their meanings).
* Brahui Dictionary
Online Brahui dictionary (Brahui/English), pronunciation guide, and introduction to Brahui grammar. Brahui is spoken in areas of the Middle East.
* Chess Dictionary
Terms and notations used in the game of chess and their meaning/explanaion (in English).
Free searchable online English to/from German translation dictionary. Includes part-of-speech information (noun, verb, etc.) and gender for each term.
* Cyber Hawaiian Dictionary Online
Online searchable Hawaiian/English dictionary with about 5000 terms. Includes a pronunciation guide.
* DiccioGuay
Free English/Spanish dictionary for Windows. Look up individual words to get their Spanish translations.
* Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana
Online searchable Catalan language dictionary (Catalan words and definitions) from Enciclopèdia Catalana, S.A.
* Multilingual Dictionaries
Free online searchable dictionary for German or English to/from many languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Portuguese, and more). allows users to add to or verify translations, so the dictionaries are constantly growing. Vocab trainer lets you quiz yourself on lists of words. Dictionary files can be downloaded for personal use.
* Dictiona´rios Porto Editora
Online Portuguese dictionary (look up Portuguese words, get Portuguese definitions) from Porto Editora.
* Dictionary.Com
Free online searchable dictionary (searches multiple dictionaries automatically, including multilingual dictionaries), thesaurus, word-of-the-day, CleverKeys dictionary software, and links to other online dictionaries.
Index of and quick searches for online translating dictionaries, news, automatic translators, language lessons, and more.
* Early Modern English Dictinaries Database
Search several 16th and 17th century English language dictionaries. From the University of Toronto.
* Ectaco Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable dictionaries - English to/from 19 languages. Says each language contains 600000 words.
* English-Estonian Dictionary
By Marek Tiits. Searchable translating dictionary with approx. 17000 terms.
* English-Finnish-Swedish Mathematics Dictionary
Text dictionary (non-searchable) of mathematics vocabulary translated between English, Finnish, and Swedish.
* English-Urdu Dictionary
Large English/Urdu dictionary (alphabetical order, not searchable) with pronunciation guides. Maintained by Waseem Siddiqi.
* English/French Sailing Dictionary
Dictionary of sailing terms in French and English, by Ken Turner.
* Esperanto-Russian Dictionary
Non-searchable Esperanto to Russian dictionary.
Collection of links to online dictionaries, automatic translators, language and translation news, and more. Includes a translator directory, language forums, and the Xanadu translation wizard to help you automatically access dozens of online dictionaries and translation services from your PC.
Free translating dictionary program for Windows with 18 language dictionaries (various sizes). Or, search the dictionaries online.
* Freelang
Provides free downloadable dictionaries translating English to/from other languages (currently 63 of varying size), non-English fonts for Windows computers, a forum for discussing language-related topics, a set of "How to say ... in many languages" lists, free personal translation requests, and links to a number of language-related products and services.
* French-English Dictionary
By Neil Coffey. Searchable French to English dictionary (of unknown size).
* French-English Dictionary of Sailing
Searchable dictionary of sailing terms in English and French.
* Galician-English-Spanish Computer Dictionary
Online browseable (not searchable) translating dictionary of Galician computing terms and their English and Spanish translations.
* German-English Dictionary
Managed by Vilim Vesligaj.
* Gibbs' Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon
Online copy of an 1863 dictionary of the Chinook 'Jargon' Native American language. English to/from Chinook, with bibliography and examples.
* Glosario Español-Esperanto
Small text-only Spanish/Esperanto glossary. In Spanish and Esperanto.
* Glossaire informatique des termes de la Commission ministérielle de terminologie informatique
Glossary of French information technology (computer) terms (in French). Searchable.
* Glossary of Poetic Terms
Glossary of poetic literary terms (i.e. 'allegory', 'ballad', etc.) with English definitions/explanations.
* IATE - Interactive Terminology for Europe
Translation term bank encompassing 24 European languages. Used for translating short, technical phrases between the 24 languages over a variety of industries/subjects (agriculture, chemistry, politics, government, etc.). Not intended as a general-purpose translation dictionary. Replaced the EURODICAUTOM terminology database in 2007.
* Indo-European Dictionaries on the Web
Large collection of links to online dictionaries.
* Indo-European Dictionaries on the Web
Links to several dozen online dictionaries related to Indo-European languages (Baltic, Celtic, Germanic, Greek, Romance, and more).
* Kamus English/Indonesian Dictionary
Searchable English to/from Indonesian dictionary.
* Kimikupu Hou Lexical Database
Maori/English translating dictionary from NZCER.
* Kreyol-English Dictionary
Good sized English/Kreyol (Haiti) dictionary (not searchable).
* LangToLang
Free online translation dictionary to translate words between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish. Not sure how large the dictionaries are.
* Language Box
Index of links to language-related resources, books, and software, including online newspapers/magazines and radio, online dictionaries, and online language lessons.
Home of TermFinance, a multilingual glossary of specialized financial terminology. Translations given in English, German, Italian, and French. Also links to other language-related Web sites.
* Latin Dictionary
Formatted by Bill Casselman. Small text Latin/English dictionary.
Directory of more than 2000 online translating dictionaries. Allows you to search for appropriate dictionaries by language pair and dictionary subject (technical, arts, agriculture, etc.), but you must then visit the dictionary site to perform a translation. Also has links to interpreting/translating society Web sites and some multilingual software.
* Life Sciences Dictionary
From BioTech (Indiana University). Searchable dictionary of scientific terms (biology/microbiology/life sciences mostly).
* Little Explorers
Picture-based dictionary and translating dictionary with links. Words with pictures link to Web sites related to the word. Choose from English only or English plus another language (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) to see the words in English and their translation.
* LOGOS Children's Dictionary
Select your native language and then a word from a list of kid-friendly entries and get a list of that word translated into around 200 different languages.
* LOGOS Multilingual Dictionary
Searchable online dictionary with entries in more than 200 languages. Dictionary often includes audio and example sentences.
* Magic-Dic Dictionary Software
Free Unix-based software to do simple word translation. Can also be run on a server to allow multiple people access to the same set of dictionaries (which can also be added to by the users). The dictionary files (which are plaintext files) can be downloaded as part of the full Magic-Dic package. The dictionaries can also be searched online.
* Martin Ramsch's Dictionary Bookmarks
Personal bookmark collection that includes links to about a dozen online dictionaries.
* Math Spoken Here!
Algebra and arithmetic dictionary. Gives English definitions of mathematical terms, pronunciation (with sound), and pictures and quizzes related to each word.
* Medical Dictionaries
Index of links to over 1500 sites covering medical research, glossaries, and multilingual dictionaries in a variety of languages.
* Mueller Russian/English Dictionary 1.01
Searchable Russian/English dictionary. Requires Russian system or fonts.
* Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse
Dictionary of horse anatomy, training, pathology, etc., in French, English, Spanish, and German. Searchable online.
* My Hebrew Dictionary
English/Hebrew online dictionary. Words arranged into categories (food, computers, etc.), click on the English word to see the Hebrew translation (using graphics - no Hebrew fonts necessary). By Jacob Richman.
* OneLook Dictionaries
Searchable index of over 100 Internet-accessible online dictionaries/glossaries. Dictionaries are arranged by topic, but you can search them all at once.
* Online Dictionaries and Glossaries
List of online dictionaries compiled by the Translator's Home Companion.
* Online Dictionary of Computing Galician-English-Spanish
Online dictionary of computing terms translated between English, Spanish, and Galician. Index is alphabetized by the Galician words. Large dictionary.
* Online Scots Dictionary
From Translate Scots words to English.
Searchable English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian dictionaries, plus an English reference dictionary (input English word, get English definition).
* Paralink Translator
Free online computer translation of text between English and more than a dozen other languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and more), and online dictionaries for English to/from German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, and Serbian.
* Robert Cawdrey's 'A Table Alphabeticall of Hard Usual English Words'
A 'dictionary', compiled by Robert Cawdrey circa 1604, of 'hard' English words. Includes historical information about Cawdrey and the dictionary.
* Searching Lexicon (Welsh/English)
Searchable 15000-word English/Welsh translating dictionary. By Mark H. Nodine.
* StarDict
Free software (Windows/Linux) for searching compatible translating dictionary files. Site also has links to many freely-downloadable translating dictionaries for use with StarDict (or for other purposes).
* Tatoeba Project
Collaborative project collecting sentence translations in multiple languages (like a sentence dictionary instead of just a word dictionary). Search for sentences containing words, then view (and sometimes hear) the same sentence translated into other languages.
* Terminology Collection Online Dictionaries
From the Terminology Forum. Links to dozens of online general and translating dictionaries.
* The Exploding Dictionary
A set of English dictionaries cross-linked with themselves, so each word in a definition is linked to that word's definition.
* The H.M. Ngata English-Maori Dictionary
English/Maori translating dictionary. Includes sample sentences (in English and Maori) for each word. Sponsored by Learning Media.
* The Kamusi Project
Also known as the Internet Living Swahili Dictionary. Searchable English/Russian/Swahili dictionary, Swahili grammar and pronunciation guides, and links to related sites.
* The languages of Suriname
Some English/Sranan words and phrases.
* The Online Slang Dictionary
A substitute for those always-out-of-date paper slang dictionaries. English slang from around the world and their meanings. Add your own slang while you're there.
* The Spiers English-French Dictionary Project
Project to type in an out-of-copyright English to French dictionary and make it available for free. Volunteers needed to help type.
* Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching and Practice
Online searchable Tibetan/English translating dictionary of Buddhist terminology. The Tibetan words are transliterated (use English characters).
* Turkmenistan Chaihana
Introduction and guide to Turkmenistan (located in Central Asia). Includes a short Turkmen/English glossary and links to other Turkmenistan sites.
* Uw Oykangand and Uw Olkola Multimedia Dictionary
English to/from Uw Oykangand, Uw Olkola, and other Australian Aboriginal languages. (Dictionary is a list, not searchable.) By the Kowanyama Aboriginal Community Council.
* Vademecum in opus Saxonis et alia opera Danica compendium
Middle Age Latin dictionary, in Latin (Latin explaining Middle Latin).
* Virdainas
Südovian/English dictionary, Südovian grammar and some translations. By Jos. Pashka.
* VOX Dictionaries
Online searchable Spanish dictionary (words and definitions in Spanish) and Spanish-English translating dictionary.
* WinDi Interactive Translation Software
By Language Dynamics Corp. Windows software interactively helps you translate words/sentences between 7 European languages. Additional free online service translates words from English to the other 6.
* Word2Word Language Resources
Large directory of language-related resources, including online lessons, dictionaries, chat rooms, foreign language online radio stations, a translator directory, language schools, and more. Resources were previously located at
* WordLookup Software
Free word/phrase lookup program for MacOS X. Type in words in one language and get translations in another (like a dictionary). Can use the Internet Dictionary Project files to add extra languages.
* WordNet Search
Interface to the WordNet database to search for synonyms, antonyms, etc. of words you enter.
* World Dictionary of Trees
By Miroslav M. Grandtner. Database of tree names/species/varieties, including Latin name, other language names, distribution, height, etc.
By Jim Breen. Online searchable Japanese/English dictionary with several different specialized dictionaries to choose from. Part of the larger EDIC project.
Large index of online dictionaries and translating dictionaries, language lessons and grammars. Site also includes original articles, Dr. Language, language games, word-of-the-day in English and Spanish, and more.

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