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  233 Resources:
* A Web of On-Line Grammars
Another interesting site from R. Beard. Links to a couple dozen grammars for different languages (too many to list). Many are introductions to the language, alphabet, and/or writing system; others are more linguistically-oriented.
* ABCentral
Large collection of educational links, including a big language section.
* About.Com - Languages
List of language guides (collections of links, news, and more) available at About.Com.
* Alphabets
From the Virtual Museum Printing-Press. Samples of writing, with some historical information, from many ancient and modern languages.
* Alphabets and Scripts
From the ASK Group. Alphabets and/or samples of writing for 2 dozen world languages.
* Amateur Telescope Multilingual Dictionary
English words and definitions for various amateur telescope terms, plus their translation into various languages (French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, and Russian). Not all terms are translated into all languages.
* Ancient Scripts of the World
History, samples, bibliographies, and links for dozens of ancient written languages around the world.
* Asian Studies Index at the World Wide Web Virtual Library
* Asian/Bilingual Books
* Babble: A Synoptic Unicode Browser
By Robert Bingler. Software to display multiple Unicode SGML documents simultaneously. Program downloadable for Windows 95/NT or Solaris (UNIX).
* Babel
Information and resources to assist you in internationalizing your Web site. Includes a list of the 20 most spoken languages, and an article on developing multilingual Web sites.
* Basic Phrases for Eastern European Languages
By Timothy Króol. Simple and useful English phrases and their counterparts in many Eastern European languages.
* BBC World Service
Free online news and audio in 43 world languages.
* Bhaarat Ek Khoj: Discovery of India
Many links related to India, including language, music, literature, history, and software.
* Bruce R. Gilson's Language Page
Short index of language-related Internet sites. Includes information on 2 constructed-language mailing lists - CONLANG and AUXLANG.
* Byki Language Learning Software
Flashcard/self test software for Windows and Mac. Adaptively refocuses on areas you're not doing well on to help reinforce them. Free version includes sample foreign-language flashcard packs with pictures and audio for a dozen languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Arabic, etc.). Deluxe (non-free) version allows you to create your own flashcards and alternate quizzing modes (multiple choice and others) and more language flashcards. More flashcard packs for other subjects (math, chemistry, etc.) downloadable from the site. Available in over 70 languages.
* Center for the Advancement of Language Learning
Index of online foreign language learning resources. Links to language-related sites, CALL newsletter, conferences, instructional materials, language testing, and more.
* Central & Eastern European Languages
Basic useful phrases in several Eastern European languages. Includes pronunciation guides.
a WWW Resource for Academic and Educational Computing in the Arts/Humanities Sponsored by PEINet, Canada.
* Christmas and New Year Greetings
Christmas and New Years greetings in many languages.
* Communication Connections
Index of language resources.
* Constructed Human Languages
Index of resources to "constructed" languages, such as Esperanto, Klingon, and Tolkein's languages.
* CourseNet
Online, interactive distance education site. Currently has an ESL Shockwave demo, more on-line courses will come.
* The Cultural Orientation Project
Publishes guides to aid refugee workers understanding of the culture, language, and society of the people they are assisting. The "Publications" area has free online versions of their Culture Profiles pamphelets, which include brief introductions to various languages, including Arabic, Somali, Pashto, Cuban Spanish, and more.
* Cyril Babaev Indo-European Linguistic Studies
Devoted to Indo-European lingustics. Includes links to other sites, some introductions to Indo-European grammars, 'word-a-week', links to dictionaries, and more.
* Database Directory of Worldwide Online Newspapers
By Editor & Publisher. Links (a searchable list) to over 1500 online newspapers throughout the world.
* Dave's Lexicons
Links to several wordlists and dictionaries.
* Deutsche Welle Online
German broadcasting company, offering news (text and RealAudio broadcasts) in 35 languages.
* Dictionaries
Index of online dictionaries: acronyms, translating, and definition-style dictionaries.
* Dictionaries Directory
from SUNET, the Index of Swedish WWW Pages. Links to Swedish dictionary resources.
* Dictionaries for International Ispell software
Dictionary and affix files for multiple languages for use with International Ispell, a Unix spell-checking program.
* Dictionaries on the Web
Index of Web-acessable dictionaries.
* Dictionary.Com
Free online searchable dictionary (searches multiple dictionaries automatically, including multilingual dictionaries), thesaurus, word-of-the-day, CleverKeys dictionary software, and links to other online dictionaries.
Index of and quick searches for online translating dictionaries, news, automatic translators, language lessons, and more.
* Eden's Script Page
Graphical comparison of many Indian scripts, including Devanagari, Gujarati, Tamil, and Sinhala, among others, with pronunciation and links to other related resources.
* eLearning Board
Growing collection of links to educational materials. Languages section includes links to lessons, dictionaries, and other resources. Current languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and Greek.
* Electronic Books at Island Multimedia
Short Story Search engine, to find short stories on the Web, and a large index to other online books and book collections. Also publishes the Virtual Bookshelf.
* Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature
Index of sources for electronic texts in various Western European languages. Includes Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Portuguese, and Swedish, among others.
* English-Finnish-Swedish Mathematics Dictionary
Text dictionary (non-searchable) of mathematics vocabulary translated between English, Finnish, and Swedish.
* Ethnologue Languages of the World
Online version of the book which includes information about 6700 languages including derivation, number of speakers, and geographic distribution of languages.
* European Minority Languages
Index of links for "minority" languages of Europe, including Frisian, Scots, and Catalan.
* Family Tree-Mail: Language Translation Pilot Project
Students using language translation software to communicate by email with students in other languages. Information about the project.
* FIGlet
ASCII art and letter generator which includes the ability to print fonts in 5 languages other than English (including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Cyrillic).
* Finno-Ugrian Links
By Johanna Laakso. A couple dozen links to Finno-Ugric language/linguistic (Finnish, etc.) sites, including universities which teach or study them, research materials, societies, and mailing lists.
* First International Collection of Tongue Twisters
Collection of over 500 tongue twisters in 42 languages. By Michael Reck.
* Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Literature from around the world and in various languages.
* Foreign Language News and Magazines
List maintained by the MIT Library. Index of online news sources (newspapers/magazines) in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.
* Foreign Language Resource Center
Searchable index of language-related software, texts, and Internet resources.
* Foreign Language Study Abroad for Teachers
index of resources for individuals wishing to study languages abroad.
* Foreign Languages
Index of language-related Web pages from Larry Schankman.
* Foreign Languages for Travelers
Introductory language tutorials & lessons for travelers in over 70 languages.
Collection of links to online dictionaries, automatic translators, language and translation news, and more. Includes a translator directory, language forums, and the Xanadu translation wizard to help you automatically access dozens of online dictionaries and translation services from your PC.
* Frederik Kortlandt
Large number of resources and bibliographic references regarding Old Slovene, Old Polish, and Old Prussian (esp. regarding linguistics).
* Free Online Language Courses
Index of free online language courses (for 50 languages).
Free translating dictionary program for Windows with 18 language dictionaries (various sizes). Or, search the dictionaries online.
* Freelang
Provides free downloadable dictionaries translating English to/from other languages (currently 63 of varying size), non-English fonts for Windows computers, a forum for discussing language-related topics, a set of "How to say ... in many languages" lists, free personal translation requests, and links to a number of language-related products and services.
* Geonative
Information about and links to minority languages and cultures. Includes some alphabets and transliteration guides. In Basque and English.
* Geopedia® Online
Basic information about the countries of the world (location, size, economy, religions, etc.). Includes the major languages spoken in each country.
* Germanic Languages
Linguistic tree, descriptions, and examples of most of the Germanic languages. By George D. Freeman IV.
* Germanic Phrasebook - First Edition
Downloadable phrasebook of several hundred words/phrases translated into 17 Germanic languages (Afrikaans, Dutch, etc.)
* Global Internet Statistics by Language
Chart of the number of online speakers of most world languages. By Global Research.
* Greetings to the Universe in 55 Languages
One-sentence greetings in 55 different languages (used on the Voyager spacecraft).
* How to Say Rabbit in Many Different Languages
From the House Rabbit Society. 'Rabbit' translated into over 30 different languages.
* Humanities Canada
humanities information on the Net indexed by the Canadian Federation of the Humanities.
* 'I Love You' in Various Languages
The phrase 'I love you' translated into over 100 languages.
* "I Love You" in Various Languages
The phrase "I Love You" translated into more than 100 languages. (Another site.)
* IATE - Interactive Terminology for Europe
Translation term bank encompassing 24 European languages. Used for translating short, technical phrases between the 24 languages over a variety of industries/subjects (agriculture, chemistry, politics, government, etc.). Not intended as a general-purpose translation dictionary. Replaced the EURODICAUTOM terminology database in 2007.
* IndianLanguages
Collection of information and links to Indian (India) languages, including software, fonts, newspapers, newsgroups, and mailing lists. Not all the links seem to work.
* Indiatime Literature
From Indiatime. Index of Indian (India) literature, poetry, and author links.
* Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Electronic texts of literature from various cultures.
* Indo-European Dictionaries on the Web
Large collection of links to online dictionaries.
* Indo-European Dictionaries on the Web
Links to several dozen online dictionaries related to Indo-European languages (Baltic, Celtic, Germanic, Greek, Romance, and more).
* Interactive Internet Language Learning
From the Yamada Guide. Guide to interactive programs and sources for learning languages online, including MUDs, MOOs, and other chat-type sites.
* International alternatives for country names
Non-standard names of various countries in other languages (i.e. not translations or transliterations).
* International Bible Society
You can order bibles in many world languages, as well as read the "Verse of the day".
* International Happy Birthday
List of birthday greetings messages ("Happy Birthday") in more than 150 languages. Non Roman alphabets are transliterated.
* Internet Resources for Language Teachers
Index of Internet resources useful for language teachers. Includes native material, translating info, software, and more.
* Jennifer's Language Page
A dozen common words/phrases (hello, please, "Do you speak English?", etc.) translated into many languages.
* Just Cows
The word 'cow' translated into many languages.
* K-12 Lesson Plans
Index of lesson plan resources from LA Office of Education/TEAMS. Some language-related lesson plans.
* Labyrinth Server for Medieval Studies
At Georgetown University. Collection of references to Medieval language (English, French, and others), literature, culture, and links to related sites/organizations. Searchable content.
* Language Australia - The National Languages & Literacy Institute of Australia
Organization promoting language education and study in Australia. Web site includes links to other Web resources for language learning, list of language-related publications the Institute has published, and more.
* Language Box
Index of links to language-related resources, books, and software, including online newspapers/magazines and radio, online dictionaries, and online language lessons.
* Language Center
at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Links to education and teaching resources.
* Language Chat Sites
Index of monolingual and multilingual chat sites. From Rivendel International Communications.
* Language Interactive
CGI programming for language learning (guide to CGI with examples).
* Language Links
Index of Web language resources from the LSS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
* Language Log
Language-themed Web log (blog), frequently updated. Includes links to many other language-related blogs.
* Language Map of the US
From the Modern Language Association. An interactive map of the United States that shows the number of people who speak one of 30 common world languages (the top 30 spoken in the US) by county or by zip code. You can see the total numbers for the entire US or for an individual state, view the source data that makes up the map, compare 2 languages or 2 locations, and more.
* Language Museum
Writing samples (about 1 paragraph per language, with translation into English) for 2000 different world languages and dialects, as well as statistics on where each is spoken (and how many speak it).
* Language Related Mailing Lists
List maintained by the Yamada Language Center. Details about mailing lists for many languages and regions.
* Language Resources on the Internet
From the Univ. of Central Lancashire Library. Collection of literature and language links for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as some general language sites.
* Language Today Magazine
Online magazine "for the Language Industries" by The Logos Group. Includes language news, calendar, software reviews, and more.
* Language Wordlists (FTP)
Lists of words (no translations) for more than 20 languages and a variety of other linguistics-related wordlists and databases.
Home of TermFinance, a multilingual glossary of specialized financial terminology. Translations given in English, German, Italian, and French. Also links to other language-related Web sites.
* Languagehat
Language-themed Web log (blog), frequently updated. Includes links to other language-related Web sites.
* Languages and Scripts of India
Large collection of links to the many Indian (India) languages and their scripts (writing).
* Languages and Translation
index of links for translators.
* Languages Directory
from SUNET, the Index of Swedish WWW Pages. Links to Swedish pages dealing with languages.
* Languages of Zambia
Bibliographical information on the languages spoken in Zambia.
* Languages Resources from Yahoo
Index of language-related sites from Yahoo.
* Laurens Jansz. Coster
Library of Dutch and Flemish literature.
* Leo's Palindrome Collection
palindromes from many languages.
* Less Commonly Taught Languages
Information about learning less-commonly taught languages. Includes contacts at universities and mailing lists.
Directory of more than 2000 online translating dictionaries. Allows you to search for appropriate dictionaries by language pair and dictionary subject (technical, arts, agriculture, etc.), but you must then visit the dictionary site to perform a translation. Also has links to interpreting/translating society Web sites and some multilingual software.
* LinguaFest
Information about LinguaFest, a "festival of languages dedicated to promoting the instruction and appreciation of all languages" held annually in Europe.
* LinguaMOO
Arts and Humanities MOO (multi-user environment) from the University of Texas at Dallas. Join free and interact with others from around the world.
* Linguanet
On-line databank for language resources and information. Includes jobs, online magazine index, the Language Yellow Pages, news, and events.
* LinguaWeb
Introductions, tutorials, and other resources for Spanish, German, and French, plus other languages. Includes links to other language sites, help with Credit Writing, and more.
* Linguistics and Human Languages Resources from Yahoo
* LinguPlace
Discussion area and online help for languages and language students. Resources include tutorials/tips for learning languages, and a discussion area for 'homework help'. Free registration.
* List of All Known Languages
Alphabetical list of more than 6800 known world languages from the Ethnologue.
* Little Explorers
Picture-based dictionary and translating dictionary with links. Words with pictures link to Web sites related to the word. Choose from English only or English plus another language (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) to see the words in English and their translation.
* Live Radio on the Internet
List of more than 3000 live radio stations broadcasting over the Internet from all around the world.
* LOGOS Multilingual Dictionary
Searchable online dictionary with entries in more than 200 languages. Dictionary often includes audio and example sentences.
* Lowlands-L mailing list homepage
Information about the mailing list (devoted to Lowlands languages and cultures), and an index of related resources.
* Macintosh and Windows fonts
from the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon.
* Magazines and Newspapers from Around the World
Links to many online magazines and newspapers in many languages.
* Major Indian Languages
From Mumbai. A list of the main languages spoken in India, some details about each one, and a list of other Web links for certain languages.
* Mama Lisa's World
Collection of children's songs and rhymes from around the world. See the nursery rhyme or song in its native language and translated into English, and even hear music or see the music score.
* Martin Ramsch's Dictionary Bookmarks
Personal bookmark collection that includes links to about a dozen online dictionaries.
* Mathematics For Computer Generated Spoken Documents
Info about a LaTeX to speech converter.
* Medical Dictionaries
Index of links to over 1500 sites covering medical research, glossaries, and multilingual dictionaries in a variety of languages.
* Merry Christmas in Many Languages
'Merry Christmas' or similar holiday sayings translated into over 40 languages.
* Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets
Morse code alphabet and several phonetic alphabets (alpha, bravo, charlie...).
* Multilingual Database of Plant Names
at the University of Melbourne.
* Multilingual Supplement to The Astronomy Thesaurus
Information about the thesaurus and the supplement, available via FTP.
* Multilingual Word Match Game
Short online matching game in several languages - match the picture to the word. Only 4 available pictures/words, so it doesn't last long.
Online "language exchange" to let you practice a language you're learning while helping others with what they're learning. Free registration allows you to interact with native speakers of the language you're learning so you can learn from each other. myLanguageExchange provides lesson plans and activities to direct the exchange. Site uses/includes pen-pals, text chat, and voice chat.
* Native American Languages
Index and discussion of Native American languages.
* Native Languages
Resources dealing with native cultures and languages from around the world.
Multilingual glossary of Internet terms.
* NFLRC Foreign Language Testing Database
Collection of tests/exams (some actual tests, some contact information) for many languages.
* Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 4500 Languages
Compiled by Mark Rosenfelder. Extensive and interesting collection.
* Of interest to Catholics
Catholic prayers in many languages, and translations of some Latin prayers into English. Page maintained by Rick Kephart.
* Omniglot
Information about the writing systems of more than 150 world languages, including alphabets, brief histories, and links to related Web sites. Organized by writing method (alphabetic, syllabic, or logographic) and by language.
* Online Dictionaries and Glossaries
List of online dictionaries compiled by the Translator's Home Companion.
* Oxford Text Archive
Electronic texts in various languages and various levels of public availability.
* Oxford University Language Centre
Information about the University's Language Centre, courses offered by the Centre, and links to other language resources.
* Pangaea MOO
Multilingual text-based interactive environment where invidivuals of different languages and cultures are invited to interact.
* Peace - A Word for All Peoples
Words of peace (mostly "peace") written in many languages.
* Peace in All Languages
'Peace' translated into many languages.
* Petro Jacyk Central and East European Resource Centre
From the University of Toronto Library. Index of Internet resources for Central/Eastern European countries/languages. Includes alphabets for most of the Central/Eastern European languages, and some downloadable DOS fonts.
* Phonetic/Spelling Alphabets
for various languages. (English: Alpha, Bravo, etc.)
* Phrasebase
Community site (free membership requested) with language pen-pal forums, a growing online phrasebook with common phrases translated into various languages, factsheets on countries and languages around the world, and links to other language-related sites.
* Planlingvoj (Planned Languages Web Page)
Index of links to planned/artificial languages such as Esperanto, Lojban, and Klingon.
* Polyglot Club
Online community for language learners to learn and practice through socialization via meetings and online chat/email.
* ProvaLingua
Free flashcard- and game-based vocabulary and grammar memorization software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Includes word sets for French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, but you can create your own.
* Quia!
Free online educational games and activities, including almost 600 activities for languages. Includes games like flashcards, matching, memory, and more, for over 15 languages. And, you can create your own activity.
* Radio Netherlands
Multilingual radio broadcast from the Netherlands. Real Audio broadcasts available in several languages.
* Readme
for Avanish Chopde's ITRANS transliteration software for Indian languages.
* References
from the Research Institute for the Humanities. Links to many online translating dictionaries, including Greek and Latin resources.
* Research Institute for the Humanities
At the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Online index of humanities-related Internet resources. Subjects includes languages, history, philosophy, etc.
* RichLink by Sentius
RichLink lets you get definitions and even translations of words in your Web browser. Free browser plug-in and authoring software. Might be useful for browsing foreign-language sites (or English sites for non-English speakers).
* Rigby Heinemann Keypals for Teachers and Elementary/Secondary students
Keypal list and posting site for teachers, classes, and students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Leave your name, or write to someone else.
* Ring of Languages and Linguistics Web Pages
Travel along the Ring to find dozens of language/linguistics related Web sites, or add your own site to the Ring.
* Romance Language Resource Page
Index of links for various romance languages (Spanish, French, etc.).
* The Rosetta Project
Project to permanently record information about 1000 of the world's languages before they become extinct. Project is collecting language descriptions, audio files, word lists, and other information about each language in the archive through the help of volunteers. Volunteers are needed to submit and review submissions to the archive.
* Say Hello to the World Project
From the Internet Public Library. How to say 'hello' in many languages (with audio), plus links to language learning sites for each language.
* Say...
A text-to-speech Web interface using ASCII/phenomes.
* Select-News Complete News Index
Index to online news from around the world.
* Serendipity
Language-themed Web log (blog), frequently updated. Site includes links to other language sites and blogs.
* Shtooka Audio Database
Free online, collaborative collection of words being spoken by native speakers. Audio can be downloaded and used by others. Currently has audio samples for Arabic, Belarussian, Czech, Chinese/Mandarin, German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Wolof, and Wuu/Shanghainese.
* Silent Night, Holy Night
Information about the Christmas carol, including the song translated into several languages.
* Single-Serving Language Guides
Free printable pocket-sized phrasebooks and language guides for a number of different languages (in varying stages of development), as well as providing the information on the site. Guides vary by language, but some include basic useful phrases, numbers, the alphabet, shopping, travel, and more. Some language also include downloadable audio files (MP3) speaking the words and phrases. Site also provides links to Web sites related to each language. As of February 2004, contains guides for Afrikaans, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch , French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene, Spanish, and Swedish; more languages are under development.
* Snunit - Israeli English Teachers Network
Resource site for teachers.
* Sounds of the World's Animals
Words for the sounds that animals make in various languages. (A dog goes "woof woof" in English, but "gaf-gaf" in Ukranian.)
* SpaceSearch Lite
Allows you to search for Web pages in a specific language from many of your favorite search engines. By Lloyd Wood.
* Speak Any Language
Free online community site for learning languages. Forums and a live chat allow members to discuss and practice languages. Member-submitted language lessons let you brush up on your vocabulary or grammar, or help others. Currently (February 2005) has information for over a dozen languages, including Spanish, French, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Lithuanian, and more.
* Stolfi Wordlists
in Dutch, English, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish. (FTP)
* Studies in Second Language Acquisition
Web page for the academic journal. Includes indexes of previous issues but no articles.
* StudyOnline!
Online flashcard system for studying languages.
* Summer Institute of Linguistics in Mexico
Web site of the SIL's Mexico institute. Information and materials for indigenous Mexican languages and cultures. Includes some educational and informational resources on languages such as Mayan and Sari.
* Tatoeba Project
Collaborative project collecting sentence translations in multiple languages (like a sentence dictionary instead of just a word dictionary). Search for sentences containing words, then view (and sometimes hear) the same sentence translated into other languages.
* Teaching and Learning on the Web
Indicies of tutorials on the Web. Do a search for "language".
* Terminology Collection Online Dictionaries
From the Terminology Forum. Links to dozens of online general and translating dictionaries.
* Terralingua
Organization dedicated to preserving the world's linguistic diversity.
* Text-to-Speech Synthesis Demo
From Lucent Technologies. Enter a sentence and the TTS system will speak it back to you. English, German, and Chinese demo available.
* The Abyssinia CyberSpace Gateway
Index of links to Web pages related to a variety of East African cultures and languages, including the Fidel (or "Abyssinian") script of Ethiopia.
* The Alternative Language Dictionaries
slang, idioms, swear words, and more, in a variety of languages, updatable.
* The Big List of Languages
from Tesarta Online. List of more than 75 languages, many with links to resources about that language.
* The Common Slavic Grammar
Extensive introduction to the Common Slavic language, precursor to Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, etc.
* The Complete Field Reference Guide
Language manuals for public workers (various languages).
* The Creolist Archives
Collection of research material (papers, essays, bibliographies, FAQs, links) on creoles, pidgins, and other 'contact' languages.
* The Electronic Phrasebook
From GasNet. Online German/Hebrew/Italian/Spanish to/from English phrasebooks focusing on medical/anesthesia conversations (doctor/patient). Spanish version also available in book form. By Sidney Helperin, MD.
* The English Server
including literature, languages, linguistics, and poetry.
* The Flying Inkpot's World Newspaper Links
Links to online newspapers from around the world.
* The I Can Eat Glass Project
'I can eat glass...' translated into many languages.
* The Indian Languages Page
Index of Web sites related to Indian (India) languages and free Indian fonts.
* The International Channel
Multilingual TV programming
* The International E-Mail Pen-Pal List
Find a pen-pal, or leave your name for someone to find you.
* The Internet Dictionary Project
Goal is to produce royalty-free translating dictionaries. Help build the dictionaries by entering translations from English into another language, or search the dictionaries for translations to/from English. Download the dictionaries for free. Updatable Spanish, Italian, German, French, Latin, and Portuguese dictionaries.
* The Interpreters Page
index of resources for interpreters, including message board, weekly translating challenges, and relevant associations/groups/orgainzations.
* The Language Teacher On-Line
Online magazine published by the Japan Association for Language Teaching.
* The Lied and Song Texts Page
Texts of famous (mostly classical) musicians, including non-English songs.
* The List of Language Lists
Large collection of language-related e-mailing lists. Includes Web page, suscribe address, and administrator address for most mailing lists. Compiled by Bernard Comrie and Michael Everson.
* The List of Language Lists
Large index of more than 50 language-related e-mail lists (also known as listservs). Includes instructions on how to subscribe to each list, and how to contact the list's owner.
* The Logos Group
Translation, software, and online language resources
* The Multilingual Circus
Language education resources and ideas.
* The On-Line Books Page
Index of thousands of books available online, in English and other languages. Also includes links to other electronic book/text repositories.
* The Online Medieval and Classical Library
Classical and Medieval literature available online (electronic texts).
* The Schoolhouse Project: Languages
Information relating to language education in the classroom.
* The Ultimate Collection of News Links
By Links to many news sources (newspapers, magazines, etc.) around the world, organized geographically.
* Timo's Hypertext Puzzle on European Languages
A puzzle where you try and guess what language a phrase is in. Guess them all correctly and you reach the end.
* Tolstoy Library
Collection of electronic text works from the Russian author Lev Tolstoy.
Free online word games, quizzes in more than a dozen different languages, free language and culture newsletters, 'word of the day' in 6 languages, and more edutainment for language learners.
* TransWord Foreign Language Tests and Exercises
Short vocabulary quizzes for several languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch).
* Tribal Voice
Includes PowWow software which allows collaboration of Windows users over the Internet. Might be useful for language pen-pal/classroom projects. (The software appears to be free.)
* UCLA Language Materials Project
Searchable bibliographic database of teaching materials for less-commonly taught languages.
* Unicode Home Page
Unicode is a proposed standard for representing languages on computers (like ASCII does for English). Information on Unicode, latest news, updates, conferences, etc.
* UniLang Online Language Community
Online portal and community for people interested in languages and linguistics. Site includes a forum/bulletin board for members to communicate, online chat, links to essays and articles related to languages, and links to language-related Web sites and projects, a Wiki (member-updatable directory), and more. Visitors are encouraged to take an active role in helping develop UniLang by becoming a member (free) and doing writing, research, answering forum questions, and the like.
* UniRing Webring
Webring of Web sites related to language and linguistics discussion and learning. Travel the sites on the ring, or add your own site to the list.
* Universal Language Dictionary
Downloadable file of roughly 1600 vocabulary words in a variety of natural and artificial languages.
* VCU International Trail Guide
WWW language and culture index.
* Verba
From the Logos Group. Free online verb conjugator conjugates verbs in 16 languages - Italian, French, Spanish, German, Esperanto, English, Latin, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Dutch, Ancient Greek, Russian, Arabic, Catalan, and Chinese.
* Vernacular Language Program
"Dedicated to the documentation, study,andpreservation of vernacular cultures of the Ecuadorean coast."
* Video On Line Browser
Localized Web browser for various languages.
* VocabFish
Online flashcard-based vocabulary memorization for language learning. Flashcards have audio so you can hear the word, not just see it. Free basic version and paid expanded version. Available for Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, and more.
* Voice Map
Spoken samples of languages from around the world. You can even send your own.
* Voice Of America
The Voice of America telecasts available in sound files in many different languages. (Supports RealAudio.)
* Language Guides
A growing collection of short videos introducing some common phrases in French, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, and more.
* Web Conjugue
Web-based version of the Conjugue conjugation software. Conjugates verbs in 15 languages into all tenses (for free). Also includes some translating dictionaries (verbs only).
* What's New in various languages
The phrase 'what's new' translated into more than 50 languages. From the Lucie Berger School.
* Windows 95 Localized Software
software to allow you to localize Windows 95 for many languages.
* Word2Word Language Resources
Large directory of language-related resources, including online lessons, dictionaries, chat rooms, foreign language online radio stations, a translator directory, language schools, and more. Resources were previously located at
* Wordbot
Automatically links an entire page to a dictionary of your choice, allowing you to interactively get translations for any words. Very interesting.
* WordLookup Software
Free word/phrase lookup program for MacOS X. Type in words in one language and get translations in another (like a dictionary). Can use the Internet Dictionary Project files to add extra languages.
* Wordtheque
From Logos. Searchable index of online literature in various languages.
* World Dictionary of Trees
By Miroslav M. Grandtner. Database of tree names/species/varieties, including Latin name, other language names, distribution, height, etc.
* World Religious Texts
Various online religious and sacred texts from around the world.
* Yeoman's Word Lists
View basic words in various languages lined up to show similarities in language classes (i.e. Germanic languages, Romance languages, etc.).
* Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Picture Dictionary
By Ester Vaisman. Online flashcards with pictures, each picture's word ('apple', 'cat', etc.) translated into Russian, English, German, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Large index of online dictionaries and translating dictionaries, language lessons and grammars. Site also includes original articles, Dr. Language, language games, word-of-the-day in English and Spanish, and more.

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