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  189 Resources:
* 24 Hour Translations
Provides Latin/English/German translation services, and has an online freelance translator directory for finding translators for other language combinations.
* AAA Translators, Inc.
Translation, Web localization, voice-overs, and DTP from any language to any language.
* Ablines Traductores
Professional translation between Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English. (Site is in Spanish.)
* Accent Språkservice
Accent Sweden - Scandinavian language services company. Translation, language courses, and other services.
* Accredited Language Services
Professional translation, interpretation, and other language-related services for over 150 world languages in a variety of specializations.
* Accurapid Translation Services, Inc.
* Advanced Language Translation
Correspondence, marketing, and technical translation and software localization services.
* Aleph - The Global Translation Alliance
Translation service over the Internet.
* All Languages Ltd.
Technical, legal, commercial, etc. translation and interpreting services for all major languages.
* Alliance Translation Service
Translation (including medical, business, and legal), localization, and project management services for the common and indigenous languages of the Western Hemisphere (including languages such as Quechua, Navajo, and Haitian Creole).
* Applied Language Solutions
Offers translation, interpreting, and localization services in most industries and world languages.
* Aquarius Directory of Translators and Interpreters
Online directory of freelance and commercial translators. As a translator/interpreter, post your profile so that others can find you. As someone in need of translation services, browse for a translator that meets your needs or submit a project proposal to get bids from interested groups. Site also has upcoming language/translation-related events, job postings for language professionals, and more.
* ArchiText Inc.
Translation, software localization, and international communication in 14+ languages.
* Arial Translations
Asian-language software localization services (from English into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).
* Arthur International
Translation and globalization services.
* Ask Translation
Translation and related language services.
* Atlantis Translations
Translation, software localization, and other services.
* Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association
Organization of translators and interpreters in and around Texas. Site includes translator and interpreter directories (if you're looking for a translator) and job opportunities, as well as membership information, a newsletter, and links.
* AvantPage
Web site translation and multilingual pre-press services.
* B.R.U.S.A Translations
Freelance translator of English to/from Brazillian/Portuguese.
* Barrett Translations
Translation, technical translation, multilingual Web site design, and software localization services for over 100 world languages. Site also has free Japanese Hiragana lessons, Korean and Mandarin (Chinese) mailing lists, and a reconstructed pronunciation of Old English.
* Basis Technology
Software localization into Asian languages.
* Benemann Translation Center
* Bilingua Software
Terminology management software and specialized terminology collections (for professional translators).
* Blue South Language Translation
Translation and multilingual design agency in New Zealand. Translations to/from Asian, Arabic, English, European, and Hebrew languages; desktop publishing; multilingual design, Web translation, voiceovers, and more.
* Blue South Translation Agency
Based in New Zealand and Australia, Blue South offers document and Web site translation services for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European, Arabic and Hebrew languages.
* The Boston Language Institute
Many services, including language education/instruction (language classes in most world languages, ESL/EFL, and EFL teacher training), translation, and language consulting.
* Braille It
Braille transcription services for businesses and individuals.
* Burmese Translator
Freelance translator/interpreter between English and Burmese.
* Business and Languages srl
Translation and localization services to/from Italian.
* Business Translation Services
Technical and non-technical translation and interpretation services between Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and German.
* Canada Translation Bureau
Translation and interpretation services, as well as the TERMIUM English-French terminology database.
* CanTalk
Translation, interpretation, and other services.
* Canvas Dreams
Offers Web design, translation, localization, and desktop publishing (layout) services from French and Spanish to English.
* Chinse Linguist-Consultant
Luther H. Deese, Jr., freelance Chinese interpreter/translator.
* CPLS - Communication and Professional Language Services
Translation, and English training/education for business. Based in the Netherlands.
* Crimson Language Services, Inc.
Standards-compliant translation services specializing in medical device translation and financial translation.
* Cucumis Community Translation
Translation exchange community where members earn points by performing translations for others, then use your points to get your own items translated.
* Czech and Hungarian Translation Agency
Translation services to/from most Western and Central European languages.
* Czech Translation
English to/from Czech and Slovak translation services. Many areas of expertise (legal, medical, etc.). (Site may not work well with Netscape.)
* Definitive-Translations Ltd.
Translation company based in the UK. Translations to/from most any language.
* Delta Translation International
Translation in all major languages (30+), and desktop publishing in all major application programs.
* Dialog Line
Translation and interpreting services for businesses and individuals. Offers telephone conference interpreting, document translation, Web site globalization, and other services for most world languages.
* Dialogue International
Document translation between many world languages using only mother-tongue professionals. Technical, financial, medical specialties, Web site globalization, and DTP. Site exclusively in Italian.
* Digitrans
Online translation company. Free 'instant quote' to price your translation job. Submit request electronically and get the translation returned via e-mail.
* Diplomatic Language Services, Inc.
Language training, ESL, translation, and interpretation services, and publishes language training material.
* DocuTrans
Computer-based, post-edited translation between English and Spanish.
* Dragoman Translations
Spanish/English translation services.
* Dynamic Language Center
Translation/interpretation and language education services. Based in Seattle, WA.
* Ectaco Online
Language Teacher and Partner brand electronic handheld pocket dictionaries, and dictionary software for Palm, PocketPC, and other handheld computers. Dictionaries available for more than 20 languages. Site also has a free online translating dictionary for many languages.
* English-Farsi Translation Services
English to/from Farsi (Persian) translation.
* Ergane
Multilingual translating program for Windows. Translates words between more than 30 languages. Free.
* Eriksen Translations
Translation, interpreting, and other linguistic services.
* Essential Interpreters and Translators International
Translation center specializing in over 100 languages. Services include translation and interpretation.
* EUROLANG Optimizer
Translation software and services for European languages.
* Euroword ApS (Ltd.)
Translation, news reporting and distribution for European (including Nordic) languages.
* Fachübersetzungen
Translation services for many major European and Asian languages.
* First Edition Translations Ltd.
Translation, interpreting, and multilingual editing services for all European languages.
* Foreign Exchange Translations, Inc.
Full-service translation company specializing in regulated industries (medical, manufacturing, telecom, etc.).
* Foreign Ink Ltd. - Language Translation
Asian-language translation and typesetting.
* Freelance Italian/English Translators
Translation services from English to/from Italian.
* Garden Street International Translations
Freelance translation for German, Spanish, and French into English, and English to German.
* GLC - German Language Communications
consulting, translation, and interpretation services.
* Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies
Information about the guide, which assists translators in finding agencies that are hiring, and links to other sites.
* Global Accents
Translation, design, and production of multimedia (including Web) resources.
* Global Languages & Cultures, Inc.
Professional translation, interpretation, software and Web localization, voice-over, and desktop publishing services in more than 50 languages.
* Global Message
Translation (Web, document, and communications) company.
* Globalink, Inc. - The Translation Company
Translation services, software.
* Globalization Partners International
Provides a number of translation services including regular translation, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) software/Web localization, software/Web globalization/internationalization, software testing, and globalization consulting services for more than 25 languages.
* Golden Translating Services
California-based translation company.
* Goldy International
Talking electronic translators, dictionaries, and organizers. English to/from 9 languages (separate models).
* Günther Strauss
Freelance German/English/French translator.
* HSN Linguistic Services Ltd.
Translation (all major languages), proofreading, writing, and editing.
Translation management services company. Coordinates multiple translation companies working together on large projects. Add yourself to their freelance translator directory, or request a quote for a translation project.
English to/from Spanish technical translation company. Services include translation, editing, desktop publishing, localization, and more.
* Indonesian Translation
Freelance translator, English/Indonesian/Dutch translations.
* Institute of Linguists Language Services Ltd
Offers language assessment and accreditation, translation, proofreading/editing, training, and other services for businesses entering or already working in the global marketplace. Ability to deal with almost any world language.
* Institute of Linguists Language Services Ltd
UK organization promoting language education and professional services. Serves as a professional organization for translators, interpreters, and other language professionals. Web site has information about the organization, a transator/interpreter directory, information about thier magazine The Linguist, links to other organizations, an events calendar, and more.
* Interlinco
Based in Madrid, Spain, and offers language instruction in Spanish, German, Italian, French, English, Japanese, and other European languages, as well as translation and interpretation services between those languages.
* International Translation
Professional translation and interpretation services for over 100 world languages.
* International Translators
Professional translation and localization (inc. Web localization) to/from many languages and in many subject areas. Division of the Boston School of Modern Languages.
* InterPro
Software localization/globalization services, including documentation, Web sites, and multilingual desktop publishing.
* InterSol
Translation, localization, and globalization services.
Ireland-based software localization company.
* Japanese Language Services
Translation, technical translation, and software localization company specializing in English/Japanese.
* Jeil Technical Translation Services, Inc.
Translation and localization services, esp. in Korean.
* JKW International
Language management company - consulting for globalization and global communications/advertising.
Translation company translating medical, legal, technical, and other specialties between English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. (Site doesn't like Netscape 4.)
* Juricom Inc.
Translation and other language services in English, French, and Spanish.
* Kaspi International
Translation/interpretation services, publishing, and international consulting.
Korean-language translation, editing, desktop publishing, and Web localization services.
* Kurir
Danish translation/language company. (In Danish.)
* KvaliText
Translation company based in Portugal offering translation and revision services between European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, English, French, and Spanish.
* Language Engineering Corporation
Japanese/English (mostly) translation service and software, and commercial NLP systems.
* Language Interface, Inc.
Russian/English translation, localization, consulting, and other services.
* Language Network
Translation and interpreting company specializing in conventions.
* Language Technology Centre
Translation, language technology, and education consultants. Online language software catalog and links to language-related Internet resources.
* Lazar & Associates
Translation, interpretation, and other services.
* Lengua
Translation company based in Germany. All languages.
* Lingolex
English-Spanish translation and publicity services.
* LinguaVision Translation
machine translation over the Internet.
* Linguistic Systems, Inc.
Translation, interpretation, localization, and other linguistic services.
* Linguists Online
Searchable database of translators worldwide.
* Link Translations
Translation and interpreting services for all languages.
* Logos Corporation
Automatic (machine) translation, software, dictionaries, and other services.
* Lyric Labs Translation Services
Translation services for companies and individuals for most world languages. Offers industrry-specific technical and marketing translation, Website translation, and more. Get a quote online for translation projects, or register as a freelance translator.
* M2 Limited
Translation, desktop publishing, software and Web localization and internationalization, and audio and video dubbing services for more than 50 world languages.
* M2 Ltd.
Globalization and software localization company.
* Management System Solutions
Localization and translation company in Spain.
* María Teresa Moreu
Castilian/English translation.
* Martin Gregor
Freelance translator.
* Midway Translation & Consulting Corp.
Translation, interpretation, typesetting, and consulting.
* Moravia Translations a.s.
Translation, interpretation, localization, and other services for Eastern European languages.
* Multilingual Communications Corporation
Translation, interpretation, and localization services.
* MultiLingual Computing, Inc.
Publishes MultiLingual, a magazine for the translation and localization industries, and MultiLingual News, a free e-mail newsletter about the same. Selected magazine articles are available online; all past issues of the e-mail newsletter are available. Site also has a calendar of upcoming events relating to translation and localization, job postings, links to companies providing translation and localization services, and free downloadable localization and globalization guides like the "Guide to Localization" and "Guide to Multilingual Content Management".
* My Translator Translation Marketplace
Automated marketplace pairing translators with those in need of translation. Submit a Web page or document online for an instant quote. Currently Japanese/English, other languages coming.
* National Register of Public Service Interpreters
UK directory of registered (with NRPSI) interpreters who can work in public-service sectors (housing, environmental, health, etc.) and who have passed the selection criteria of NRPSI. Published on CD-ROM and print; available by subscription only. Organizations who need access to interpreters can order the directory; freelance interpreters can join the Register in order to be listed.
* Nettranslation
Translation/interpreting agency located in London, England (UK), offering technical, commercial, and scientific translation and interpreting services for Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, French, Russian, Polish, Italian, and more; as well as Web site localization, and document editing and proofreading.
* New World Multimedia
Translation and language education software for many langugages, and handheld translators/dictionaries for sale online.
* Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS)
Information about membership, locating a translator, events calendar, and news.
* NOTIS - Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society
Information about the organization, directory of translators and interpreters, calendar of events, read their newsletter, join, and browse useful links for translators.
* Pacific International
Japanese/English translation company.
* Partner Talking Translator
Information about the Partner brand of talking handheld translators by Ectaco.
* Peeking Camel Productions
Translation services, editing, and other digital production services.
* Phillips Language Services
Private language instruction for non-speakers (specializes in Czech, English, French, and German, but will try to accomodate other language requests), interpreting, translation, and language consulting services.
* Polyglot International
multilingual business projects, management, and translation.
* R-Byte Translation
Document and publication translation, Website translation, and software localization services for any language.
* Rancho Park Publishing
Translation, design, typesetting, and publishing in several languages.
* Russianexus
Russian/English translation and interpretation services.
* RVR Translation
Offers translation and interpreting services for European languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, Spanish, and Russian).
* Samba - Portuguese Language Specialists
Portuguese language services including private and group lessons (in the US and Brazil), translation to Portuguese, and online or correspondence Portuguese courses. Free sample lessons available online.
* Scandinavia Translations
English to/from Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian translation (Web, documents, medical, technical, etc.).
* Schreiber Publishing
Publishes reference literature for translators, including The Translator's Handbook, Spanish and French dictionaries, and translator self-training books.
* SciTech Language Partners
Translation/localization company. Large online catalog of language productivity and translation software. Free Web page translation service online.
* SDL International
Software localization and translation software company.
* Servicios Lingüísticos Integrales
Translation, interpretation, transcription, publishing services in 25 languages.
* SET Idiomas
Spanish as a foreign language school located in Cordoba, Argentina. Group or one-on-one courses for all levels of Spanish ability. Also provides professional translation in specialized areas (legal, technical, etc.) in many European languages.
* Silicon Valley Localization Forum
From TGP Consulting. Localization news and articles, information, and localization/translation products and services.
* SimulTrans L.L.C.
Professional translation, localization, and other services.
* Soget
Translation, localization, and publishing services in 50 languages.
* The STAR Group
Translation, software localization, and terminology management software (TermStar and WebTerm), technical publishing, computer-aided translation software (Transit), and other services.
* Suncoast Translation Services
Translation and software/Web localization company located in Florida, US. Offers document translation (English to other languages), software and Web site localization, and desktop publishing (DTP) services in conjunction with or independent of translation.
* SunTrans Hungarian Translation
Hungarian/English translation and interpreting services (including Web localization), and Hungarian language instruction.
* SYSTRAN Software, Inc.
Machine translation software, services, and localization. Online Web page translation demo.
* Taipei Translation Center
Commercial, legal, technical translation services to most European and Asian languages.
* Tekniikan Sanastokeskus (TSK)
Finnish Centre for Technical Terminology. Vocabulary/terminology translation and projects and services, mostly between English, Finnish, and Swedish.
* TERMIUM Plus Online
Online version of the Canada Translation Bureau's TERMIUM French-English terminology database. Must subscribe (and pay) in order to use it, or you can order TERMIUM on CD.
* Terra Pacific Writing Corporation
Translation, localization, and other services.
* The LanguageWorks, Inc.
Translation, multilingual layout/DTP, audio/video localization, and other services.
* The Last Resort
Pair of freelance translators, English/Danish translation.
* The Quicktionary
Handheld translator - scan in a printed word or phrase and get a translation.
* The Translator's Home Companion
Links to many resources on the Net of use to translators. Includes translation news, translator directories, translation agencies, reviews, online dictionaries, conferences, and more.
* thebigword Translation Services
Translation company offering translation for most world languages (more than 140), Website localization, interpreting, desktop publishing, and more. Free online computer translation of small texts.
* Tiafanny Translators and Interpreters
Spanish to/from English, including legal, medical, and technical translation/interpretation.
* TRADOS Translation Tools
Software tools for translators including terminology and localization management. Site also has links to numerous online dictionaries and glossaries, and a list of translation service providers currently using TRADOS tools.
* TradWeb
Online translation company for all language combinations. Translating, editing, layout services in a variety of media and specializations.
Translation company working exclusively through the Internet. Free online quotes.
* Transcend Natural Language Translator
Translation software (machine translation) for Microsoft Windows. Trial version available online.
* Translate International
Translation, software and Web localization, and other services.
* Translate Languages @searchenginez
List of online translation Web sites and downloadable translation software for several different languages.
* Translation and Localization Service Providers
Short list of translation and localization companies.
* Translation Guide
Short reviews of and information about selected products and services to assist with (or perform) translation. Includes guides for translation software, pocket translators, free online translators, translation companies, and more.
* Translation Journal
Online magazine by and for translators. Articles, events, and links relating to translation.
* Translation Services English - Inuktitut
Translator for English to/from Inuktitut.
* Translation Solutions
Offers English to/from Portuguese translation of documents and Web sites.
* Translation Town
Submit translation project details to get quotes from freelance translators or translation companies. Or register yourself as a translator in their directory. Also lists job postings for bi/multilingual people, free computer translation using Systran software, and a directory of translation schools.
* Translations
English to/from Spanish, French, and Japanese translation.
*, Inc.
Translation, localization, globalization, desktop publishing, and other language services for most world languages, with vertical specializations in industries like automotive, energy, travel, and more.
* Translators on the World Wide Web
Small list of translators reachable through the World Wide Web.
Free translator/linguist e-mail newsletter, orderable list of translation agencies and book on how to earn $50000 as a freelance translator.
* transline International
Translation company. 300 language combinations.
* TransPerfect Translations
Translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, internationalization, and other language services for most world languages and a variety of industry specializations (medical, legal, etc.).
* Trans_Europe Language Translation
Translation to/from major European languages.
* Triacom
Translation and marketing consultant company.
* Triplicado
Translation, language courses, and relocation services for Portugal/Portuguese. Offers a Portuguese news digest for people interested in current events in Portugal.
* Uni-Verse
Real-time, online translation products and services. Products include a multilingual chat server and a multilingual IRC client that translates what other people say.
* Uniscape
Translation and globalization company specializing in e-business and business-to-business solutions.
* University Language Center
Language training and classes, and translation and interpretation services.
* viaLanguage
Translation, localzation, and editing services for businesses. American Business English courses for non-English speakers.
* Washington Academy of Languages
Language education (English and foreign languages, Europe and Asian), summer intensive courses for languages, teacher training and certificates, and translation/interpretation services. Visit their site for current class schedules
* Weblations
Website translators/localizers.
* WikiTranslation
Free community-translation site. Submit a request to translate a short text (word, phrase, sentence), or help translate requests from other people.
* WinDi Interactive Translation Software
By Language Dynamics Corp. Windows software interactively helps you translate words/sentences between 7 European languages. Additional free online service translates words from English to the other 6.
* Wizard Translations
English to/from French freelance translator, and translation consultant for assistance with larger translation projects. Site also describes the translation purpose and process for people who are new to translation.
* Word Link Ltd.
Marketing, publishing, and translation services.
Software localization company.
* WorldLingo
Translation services including document and e-mail translation and Web site localization. Site also has free online machine translation of text and Web pages, and a free translation plug-in for Internet Explorer so you can translate Web pages you visit.
* WorldPoint Translation Services
Translation services, Web site globalization software, and knowledge base management services.
* writingworks!
English language consulting company. Services include English proofreading, editing, and writing to make sure your message is effective in English.

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