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* A Little Vietnamese Language Tutorial Software
Vietnamese language learning multimedia CD-ROM for Windows from Griesser Software.
* Abiogenesis Software
Dictionary and reference-creating software tools.
* Accent Software International
Multilingual Internet and productivity software. Includes multilingual Web browser. Demos available.
* Accent-Click Accent Toolbar
Software to display a quick-access accent toolbar on your computer screen for quick entry of accented characters into any program. Toolbars available for French, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Spanish. Free demos available.
* Airline Talk
Commercial and academic project to create multimedia language training materials for airline employees. German CD-ROM available now, other languages under development.
* Alis Technologies Inc.
Multilingual Internet software (e-mail program, Web browser, and HTML editor) and Arabic software. Downloadable demos available.
* Amebis
Software company developing and publishing software related to translation, electronic reference books, language modules (spell-checkers, etc.), speech synthesis, and other technology, mostly focusing on the Slovene language. (Site is mostly in Slovene.)
* Anotek, Inc.
Greek language education products including books and CD-ROM and other software.
* Apropos Smart Characters
Windows software, Chinese/Japanese/English word processing, reference, and education tool.
* AsiaSoft
Asian-language computer software online store.
* Atril
Publisher of Deja Vu translation software for Windows. Downloadable demo.
Sells the "Tell Me More" language learning software for individuals and companies (allows employees to learn a new language over the Internet). Offers online tutors (not free) and a Language Forum to talk to other learners of languages.
* CALL @ Chorus
Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) product reviews and links. Edited by Jim Duber.
* CAMILLE Español Interactivo
CD-ROM Spanish language learning software (in Spanish).
* CASE Learning Systems
Windows software to help you learn Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish vocabulary and grammar.
* Centaur Systems
Software products for learning and using classical languages (Latin, Greek, etc.). Demos available for many products.
* Chinese Radical Exam
Chinese education/training software (Windows). Demo available. Includes reviews of Chinese education books and tapes.
* Crandol Software
Norwegian Translator for Windows software. Demo available.
* Dictionaries for International Ispell software
Dictionary and affix files for multiple languages for use with International Ispell, a Unix spell-checking program.
* DrDo Chinese Multimedia Language Trainer
Software to help you learn Chinese. Includes quizzes, flash cards, and other training methods. For Windows.
* DrDo Japanese Language Trainer
Japanese data files to use with the DrDo Chinese Language Trainer to learn Japanese. Plus links to other free Japanese software, and Japanese Web sites.
* DynED International Language Development Courseware
English, ESL/EFL, and non-English language education CD-ROM software.
* Earth Words
Software to introduce 18 languages and their alphabets.
* Ectaco Online
Language Teacher and Partner brand electronic handheld pocket dictionaries, and dictionary software for Palm, PocketPC, and other handheld computers. Dictionaries available for more than 20 languages. Site also has a free online translating dictionary for many languages.
* Eduole
Produces Spanish language learning software. Downloadable demos available (Mac/Windows).
* Electronic Dictionaries and Glossaries
Publisher of 6 multilingual dictionary programs related to finance, business, and technology.
* Everson Gunn Teoranta
Software company specializing in minority languages
* Exceller Software Corp.
Multimedia English/ESL educational software, and English and foreign language electronic dictionaries for Macintosh and Windows.
* Fairfield Language Technologies / The Rosetta Stone Online
Language learning software products, including The Rosetta Stone, multimedia language education available for 11 languages. Demos available.
* FIGlet
ASCII art and letter generator which includes the ability to print fonts in 5 languages other than English (including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Cyrillic).
* Font and Word Processing Software
From the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Large index of font (Roman and non-Roman) resources and multilingual word processing software. (Some are free, some are commercial.)
* Foreign Language Software for Macintosh
Tools for writing and using multimedia language lessons, verb exercieses, and dictionary lookups. Written by Jacek Iwanski. Software and associated dictionaries appears to be free and downloadable.
* German Language Learning Software
Annotated bibliography of German language education software by Michael Shaughnessy. Brief notes and some reviews of available software for learning German.
* HEI-Soft Publishing
Multilingual computer software products, including a 6-language dictionary called Euroglot. (In German.)
* Hungarian Pronunciation Tutor
for Macintosh.
* Innoview Data Technologies Ltd.
Globalization software components for Delphi and C++Builder software developers. Products help you globalize your software for multiple languages.
* InPage
Word processing and page layout software to handle Urdu, Arabic, Sindhi, and Persian script along with English. (Windows 3.1 or better.)
* Interactive Online Japanese Lessons
From TTI Online. Pay-as-you-go online Japanese lessons (writing, grammar, vocabulary, flash cards, and more).
* Interactive Spanish
Multimedia Spanish course for beginners. Windows CD-ROM software.
* International Quickspeak Languages
Language learning software for most main languages. Learn phrases, not just words.
* inXight
Produces LinguistX document and language analysis software.
* Key Into Spanish
Computer dictionary application for Macintosh and Windows.
* Kureo Technology Ltd.
Japanese software for Windows, including word processing, OCR, e-mail, and translation.
* Language Intelligence
Producers of The French Reference, dictionary/training software for students learning French (demo available). Online French verb conjugator and downloadable accented character toolbar also available.
* Language Learning Software
from FlashCARD Software Company.
* Language Quest Software
Online catalog of Language-education, productivity, and traslation software offered by various companies.
* Latin Translation and Dictionary Software
Latin productivity software, and links to other Latin-related software resources.
* LearnWare Software
Language education software for Windows. Titles include Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, and German.
* Liberation Philology Language Software
Low-cost educational language software for Mac, DOS. (Demos and free downloads available.) Includes software for Greek, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, French, Irish, Latin, Old English, Sanskrit, Welsh, Yiddish, Portuguese, and others.
* Libra Multimedia
CD-ROM language products to help you learn a language. For Windows and Macintosh.
* Lingua
Language/linguistics related software store. Products include fonts, proofing tools, and other utilities for many different languages.
* Lingua Systems
English language training and education software. Demos of most programs are available.
* LinguaTech International
ESL/EFL and translation dictionary multimedia software, and translation management software MTX.
* Linkword
Language learning process/software for Macintosh and Windows. Free online sample of the lessons.
* Logoi.Com
Language learning and reference software for many languages. Online articles about languages and language education. E-mail newsletters for Japanese and Chinese learners. Language learning over the phone.
* Microbus Multilingual Software
Produces Microbus Polyglot, a development tool for creating multilingual Microsoft Access applications.
* MicroEd, Inc.
Macintosh language education software for English and Ojibway (a Native American language). Information about their products and contact information.
* Monotype Typography
Macintosh and Windows fonts, including Unicode-compliant fonts.
* Mugrun Software
Multimedia Arabic language education software.
* Multilingual Software Digest
Large index of language-related software links. Dozens of languages.
* Musical Spanish
Multimedia Spanish language teaching through popular music. Online music samples and free teacher's guide will be available soon.
* NeoCor
Japanese-language software for (English) Windows. Products include Japanese word processing, translating, OCR, printing, and fonts.
* New World Multimedia
Translation and language education software for many langugages, and handheld translators/dictionaries for sale online.
* Nisus Software Inc.
Publishes Nisus Writer, a powerful multilingual word processor for Macintosh.
* NIT Business Computing Systems
CD-ROM language and cultural educational material, esp. Chinese and Japanese.
* OK! Software
Russian, Japanese, and Arabic language learning software for English speakers.
* Omega First
Foreign language software and localized software, including common applications (i.e. Microsoft Office), reference software (dictionaries), and language learning software.
* One World Distribution, Inc
Commercial English (ESL) and Spanish educational software.
* OneApp Software
Shareware English to/from Spanish, Italian, and German software programs for Macintosh.
* Orthografix
Word for Windows 95 proofing tools for Finnish: thesaurus, spellcheck, etc.
* ParaType
Multilingual font library including many Latin and non-Latin languages (Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.) Multilingual software support programs for Windows, online magazine (in Russian), and more.
* Persian Teaching System
Windows software to teach beginning to intermediate Farsi (the Persian language). CD-ROM software, downloadable demo available.
* Polyglossum
English/Russian dictionary, translation, and education software.
* PowerTrans Multilingual Translator and Vocabulary Trainer
Translation software for the Apple Newton, MessagePad, and eMate. Available for English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Mac and Windows demos available.
* Priberam Informática, Lda.
Portuguese language software products, including dictionary/spelling for Windows 95 and Macintosh. Online Portuguese language dictionary.
* Project FLAME
Multimedia foreign language learning software.
* ProvaLingua
Free flashcard- and game-based vocabulary and grammar memorization software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Includes word sets for French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, but you can create your own.
* Qunck: The Words Game
from Wordsworth Corp. Windows language game where you try and unscramble common (and not-so-common) phrases by putting the words in the right order. Downloadable demo available.
* Right To Left Software
Language learning software.
* Sinologic Software
Chinese language education software ("HyperChina"), and a links page to more Chinese language-related resources.
* Smardkid Educational Software
Educational software index and reviews. Includes language edcation software.
* SmartLink Corporation
Specializing in Russian productivity software, including translation (other langs to Russian), fonts, word processing/proofing, and educational software. Macintosh and Windows.
* Software Directory for the Classics
Index of instructional and productivity software and audio/video products for "classical" languages (Latin, Greek, etc.). Also available in book form.
* Syracuse Language Systems
Multimedia language education software, Language Connect University (language education online - must register), and language-related links. From Syracuse Language Systems.
* TalkFast Language Software
Online store with over 800 software products for language education in over 40 languages.
* TeQuita
Spanish spell-check software for DOS/Windows applications. (In Spanish.)
* The CTAN Archive
Archvie of the TeX layout and publishing definition language software and add-ons. Includes non-English language support and hyphenation files for use with TeX.
* The Instant Language Series
Windows (95/NT/3.1) software to teach Japanese, Cantonese, or Mandarin. Downloadable demo available.
* The Learning Company
Educational software, including language software.
* Transparent Language
Language learning software for most European languages, plus English, Chinese, Japanese, and Latin, dictionary/conjugation software, traveling phrase products, language-learning books, and translation software.
* TwinBridge Chinese/Japanese Software
from BernClare Multimedia Inc. Products provide Chinese and Japanese character support in most applications.
* Twinbridge Software Corporation
Software for using Asian languages with the Windows operating system. Japanese/Chinese language input, dictation, word processing, and other software.
* Unforgettable Languages
CD-ROM based language lessons for more than 10 languages (including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Dutch, Japanese, and Hebrew) using their Linkword learning method that teaches you to associate words with visuals to help you remember them. Downloadable, less-expensive mini-lessons available for more than 20 languages (including Chinese, Danish, Czech, Arabic, and Thai). Online demos of the lessons and the Linkword method.
* Uni-Verse
Simultaneous online translation software and multilingual chat area (they have to be used together). Java client or downloadable demo program translates chat area messages in realtime between the 6 supported languages.
* Virsoft Home Page
translator software, online pen-pal search, links, and more.
* VTrain, the Vocabulary Trainer
Shareware flashcard-style vocabulary training software (for Windows) to help you memorize foreign language vocabulary words. Can be used for other subjects as well (math formulas, history, etc.). Site has downloadable vocabulary files for more than 40 languages to get you started. Registration is 15 Euros/US$15, and is free for schools. Site also has links to a large number of online dictionaries and translation sites.
* WinBabel Traductor
Windows translation program (shareware).
* World Language Resources
Large catalog of language-related software and other products (including handheld translators). Organized by language. Some demos available. Order online.

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