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  94 Resources:
Language learning and multilingual books, tapes, and software for over 100 languages.
Online bookstore specializing in bilingual books for babies/children.
* Adler's Foreign Books
Importer and distributor of European language, Russian, and Chinese books.
* Agora Language Marketplace
"An on-line index of companies offering language related publications, products and services."
* Albert The
Purchase a 7-CD set of the collected works of St. Albert the Great (in Latin).
* AmeriSpan Unlimited
Spanish immersion courses.
* Artec Electronics Multimedia Training Systems
Manufacturers of multimedia training systems and stations, including language labs and stations.
* Atlas Electronics
Portable, in-class telephone system to practice/teach telephone communication skills. Could be used when teaching languages.
* Audio Forum Language Cassettes
audio/video language resources for African, Arabic, Swahili, Portuguese, and more.
* Audio-Forum
Language and other educational tapes and videos.
* Audio-Visual Resources for Classics
Large online catalog of audio/video/software resources for learning/teaching aspects of ancient civilizations (Roman, Greek, Middle East, etc.). Includes Greek and Latin software, videos, and cassettes.
* Bahasa Video Education
Descriptions and information about 6 Indonesian-language educational videos. Includes pictures, descriptions, ordering information, and scripts to help you evaluate the videos before purchase.
* Bay Foreign Language Books
Foreign language education bookstore. Search for books in a large variety of languages, and buy them online.
* Be Nice In 60 Languages
Book with 15 common courtesies ('hello', 'excuse me', etc.) translated in 60 languages. Site has information about the book and how to order.
* Berlitz International, Inc.
Language and cultural training, translation, and publishing services around the world.
* Bilingual Books for Kids
Online bookstore offering books for children in both Spanish and English.
* Bilingual Supplies for Children
Catalog of bilingual and educational books and audio tapes for English-speaking (or English-learning) children. Links to other children-related sites, and an online forum for child language education.
* California Language Labs ESL Audio/Video Tapes
Audio and video tapes for learning English (from various languages); Video Phrasebook for Travelers (brush up on a language before traveling); citizenship videos for learning US history and government.
* Camp Ouareau Language Program
English/French language immersion summer program for girls.
* Caslon Books
Official Website of 'Slangman' David Burke. Preview and buy David Burke's books on American, Spanish, and French slang. Weekly Word List describes a few slang terms every week.
* Cheng & Tsui Company
Asian books and software, including literature, culture, and language resources.
* Cherokee Language and Culture
educational audio tapes.
* China Books and Periodicals
Imports books and periodicals from China. Many titles available.
* Concordia Language Villages
Language and culture education for young people.
* Dictionnaire L'Anglais par l'Alsacien
By Paul Adolf. Book to teach English to Alsatian German speakers by comparing the two languages and noting their similarities and differences.
* Directmedia
German CD-ROMs (in German)
* Easy Hebrew Correspondence Course
learn-by-mail course for Hebrew.
* Ekocamp International
Children's language camp (summer/winter) in Canada for students of French or English.
* English Country School
EFL/ESL courses in England.
* Estrellita Accelerated Beginning Spanish Reading
Supplemental classroom program for teaching/increasing Spanish reading proficiency for Spanish speakers.
* Eurocentres Language Instruction
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, English
* Europa Pages
Publishers of European language guides. Includes online lists of French and English courses taught in England and France.
* Foreign Languages books
Available to order from the Oxford University Press.
* Foreign Languages in Moscow
Index of language schools, study-abroad programs, and job listings in Moscow (Russia). Also has links to other language sites, a book and software catalog, and links for teachers. Parts are in English and parts are in Russian.
* Fran's ESL Publications
Books written by an ESL teacher for use in ESL/EFL classes or by teachers of those classes.
* Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (Welsh Language Dictionary)
Paper dictionary - site has information about the dictionary and ordering. Not online/searchable.
* Goethe-Verlag
German publisher of foreign language educational materials (books and tapes). Free downloadable quizzes and language puzzles.
* Greek Language Resources
Supplier of Greek educational/entertainment material for children. No online material, must request information via phone or e-mail.
* Hard to Find Books
Rare and hard-to-find bookdealer. Limited online catalog of titles.
* Health-Helper
Website for the book 'Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury', which includes a chapter on the speech and language aspects of a brain injury.
* Hippocrene Books, Inc.
Online catalog includes a large listing of language dictionaires (from A to Z).
* How to Teach English with Fun and Games
Information about the audio cassette English lessons package, plus links to other ESL/EFL sites.
* i.b.d., Ltd International Book Distributors
Translating dictionaries and other foreign books.
* IsoMeric
international business, consulting, and Web publishing.
* Japan Know-How Research
Home of "Japanese Literacy in 24 Hours" - product to help English-speakers learn Japanese.
* John Benjamins Publishing Company
Academic book and journal publisher with a large catalog of language- and linguistics-related materials. .
* Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society
Publishes and sells several Kanji dictionaries for people learning or working with Kanji.
* Kitab for Indian Books
Online catalog and order form for books from India in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. All subjects.
* Le Catalogue Forum Français
Online catalog of books, music, videos, and software in French.
* Learn Spanish at
Index of useful Spanish books for sale.
* Learning Design
Educational books publisher in London. Online catalog includes books on languages and language teaching.
* Lexicon Bridge Publishers
Russian software, books, and audio and video tapes for Russian students and those who speak Russian.
* Lingsoft, Inc.
linguistic software for many languages.
* Mail Bag
Tamil-language video, audio, and CD store in San Francisco. Some online samples, but no catalog.
* Maledicta Press
Publisher of the Maledicta Journal, an annual journal of the study of abusive/offensive language, and other publications. (CAUTION: Content may offend some viewers.)
* Mangajin Magazine
Brief online (English) version of the Japanese magazine. Online catalog with some Japanese language and culture educational products.
* Maria Oliveira's Language Learning
Spanish, Portuguese, and English for Portuguese Speakers audio cassette tape lessons (including a Spanish for Medical Professionals tape), as well as live classes available in California. Order online.
* Midwest European Publications, Inc.
Language education materials for individuals or classrooms.
* Multilingual Books and Tapes
Bookstore specializing in language books, audio tapes, and sofware.
* National Educational Travel Council (NETC)
Organizers of foreign educational travel tours (mostly to Europe, South America).
* National Registration Center For Study Abroad
Evaluates and lists study-abroad programs.
* North American Native Authors Catalog
Online bookstore of titles by Native American authors of North America. Includes language-learning books and dictionaries.
* Oshkaabewis Native Journal
journal focusing on "significant contributions to knowledge about native peoples", especially the Ojibwe language. Articles often in Ojibwe, and issues on tape contain Ojibwe readings of the Ojibwe articles.
* PedagoNet
Learning and teaching material 'classifieds' to assist sharing teaching materials. Includes materials for a some languages.
* Poster Pals
Producer of language teaching materials, including posters, flashcards, audio/video, etc.
* Quick Study Course Outlines
General course outlines for various college subjects, including languages. Use as study aids.
* Richard Lederer's Verbivore Page
Author Richard Lederer's page for word fanciers. Includes information about his books, tapes,
* Sakura Press
Japanese language education products, and translation services.
* Schoenhof's Foreign Books
Large collection of books in European and Latin American languages. Searchable inventory.
* Schoolhouse Videos and More
Educational videos, CDs, tapes, and more. Some language-related items.
* Sgrùd
Gaelic language consulting and information company.
* Sign Media
Producer and publisher of videotape and written resources on American Sign Language and deaf culture. Information about their products, and links to other information.
* Sound Beginnings
educational foreign language cassettes for infant and child development.
* Southwestern Press
English/Spanish for business educational books. Useful business phrases with pronunciation
* Spanish/English for Health Professionals
Book and CD-ROM combination products - Spanish for Health Professionals, and Inglés para Profesionistas de la Salud. Online information about the products and how to order.
* Spoken Language Services, Inc.
Audiocassette and text (book) beginning language lessons for over 40 languages.
* Stickin' Out Productions
A 'theatre in education' production company which does shows to help teach English, plus teacher training on incorporating drama in language education.
* SyberVision
Language learning audio tapes from the Pimsleur System.
* The Dialogo Institute
Workshops for learning Brazilian Portugueze in Brazil.
* The ECI Multilingual Corpus I
CD-ROM collection of texts translated into European and other languages (i.e. for parallel corpora study).
* The English Institute
English education and translating organization in France.
* The Far East Book Company, Ltd.
Chinese and Chinese/English reference materials (dictionaries) in book and CD-ROM. In English and Chinese
* The Internationalist
international bookstore and service center.
* The Language Solution!
Language education materials including CD-ROMs, tapes, and videos. Currently lists only materials for learning English (ESL) and Spanish.
* The Olivia and Hill Press
Grammar guide books for students studying foreign languages and ESL/EFL. Also has a catalog of French audiocassettes and travel guides.
* TOEFL Online
Homepage of the TOEFL (English proficiency) exam, from the Educational Testing Service. Offers online information about the test, pointers, preparation questions, FAQ about the TOEFL, and more.
* Total Physical Response (TPR)
Language education and acquisition technique. Information about the TPR approach, online catalog and ordering info.
* Transitions Abroad Publishing
Publishes books and magazines about traveling, living, and going to school abroad.
* Tutor 2000
Free student/tutor matching service. Search for a tutor in your price range, or list your tutoring services.
* VIP Publishing
Native American resources, including language-learning books and tapes.
* WordMate
Audio-based language education product. Spanish, Japanese, and Speed English available.
* World Language Resources
Large catalog of language-related software and other products (including handheld translators). Organized by language. Some demos available. Order online.
* World Missionary Press
Publishes 48 scripture/Bible-related booklets in more than 300 world languages.
* World of Reading, Ltd.
Index of foreign language and English (ESL/EFL) educational products and software. Includes software, audio and video tapes, and books (children and adult).

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